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With our experienced traders and support staff we are able to provide the best combination of quality and price to the end user of the products that we trade. From our expansive list of products and dimensions in Plywood, European Spruce, Eastern Spruce, Douglas Fir, OSB, or our Wood Pellet Fuels, our team is here to service our customers and mill partners with a product and service that we are proud to put our name behind.


Fairway’s SPF department’s primary goal is to build relationships with our customers and mills. Our focus is on getting our customers the best price and quality in the market. All our Spruce and Doug Fir is known for its memorable appearance and strength. We specialize in trading Eastern SPF, Western SPF, and European SPF in all U.S. markets for delivery by rail and by truck. Our traders’ decades of experience in the marketplace allows our lumber division to offer a wide range of dimensions. All our lumber is graded and quality certified by the ALSC and is available in J-Grade, #1 & #2 Premium, #3 and stud grades. We also carry MSR, and fire-retardant pressure treated products that are available in various dimensions.


Our plywood is very high quality and is available in a variety of dimensions. We take great pride in stocking a large inventory of domestic and imported product, that is sure to meet your needs. Our locations carry CDX, BBOES, C+C Premium, C+COES, fire treated plywood and much more.

We guarantee that the plywood we offer has adhered to the quality and stress-resistance standards of the APA. It’s our goal to provide you with the best price and quality when it comes to your plywood needs.

Wood Fuels

Fairway Lumber works with our mill partners to deliver the highest quality sustainably sourced wood-based fuel products to our customers.
Our wood-based pellet fuel, fire logs, compressed wood bricks and blocks deliver consistent heat and high BTU’s while creating less smoke, soot, and harmful emissions than ordinary cord wood. Our products are sustainably made with wood shaving, saw dust, and reclaimed wood waste. Helping our partners to sell their heating and ambiance wood products made from reclaimed residual wood is part of our commitment to sustainability. Delivering thoughtful and useful, carbon neutral wood-based consumer products is good for our customers and the planet.


XFORM is the leading trusted brand in concrete forming panels in many foundations to the tallest structures along the East Coast for over 20 years. Our tried and true layups are the foundation to the success of the brand. Having the ability to pick your finish from HDO, MDO, Phenolic, and natural veneer allows our customer’s great flexibility in managing their inventory while satisfying the end user’s demands. Let us help you in capturing more market share with repeat sales and performance. Please contact us to partner with the XFORM grouping of products while enjoying the performance and acceptance that it offers.

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